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    Sponsor of Alonissos Marathon

    Sponsor of Alonissos Marathon

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    Sponsors promote events, athletes or clubs and take part in their success.

    As a rule, events, young talented athletes and clubs need a great amount of capital to make the proper start in the professional field. Normally, most sponsors invest only when an event, athlete or a club is already famous and they make a lot of money of it. When someone is already a pro, free advertising spaces (if any!) cost a great deal. To be a part of the career of our event, athletes or clubs, you must invest from the beginning, in order to be in the spot and, later, share their glory.

    Of course, this does involve some risk, since only a third of the athletes become real superstars. One third develop in a more or less, mediocre way the other third must be considered as a flop (health, personal, psychological factors, etc.). To reduce this risk to the minimum, our team looks for talented athletes and clubs. Only athletes and clubs that endure our controls get our support, as our team helps them pave their way to a professional career.

    Few words about sponsoring

    Professional events, sports offer many opportunities of sponsorships and advertising. The transfer from the image of sport to the image of a product or an enterprise, as well as acquiring a high grade of recognition is decisive criteria.

    A selection ought to be made, for the optimal presentation to the wide public. Therefore, we support enterprises with their goal-oriented selection.

    The exceptional knowledge of the field and the financial know-how play fundamental role in this choice.

    We undertake all aspects of the sponsorship, including drawing up of the contract and media presentation.

    That covers the organization of events and sport activities up to the complete layout of the enterprise's image in sports. Through close contact with the advertisement carriers, we function as a connection port between enterprises and events, athletes or clubs.


    The concept of sponsoring exists, usually, when someone is in urgent need of excess (financial) resources. However, enterprises take into serious consideration the increased advertisement offer. Sponsoring of events and sport, especially, is becoming more and more distinguished from other types of sponsoring, such as sponsoring of culture. The reason for this event and sport-sponsoring boom in companies is "target groups", since almost all "population groups" are represented in a sporting event or competition.

    Sponsoring: performance and return

    Usually, a sponsor spends an amount of money for the advertisement of his enterprise. The simple print of the company's brand name is included in the main offer, but it is usually a supplementary symbol of the sponsoring partnership and can be of misinterpreted. A good returning sponsorship can be offered to the enterprise with a communication mix (advertisement, sales promotion, personal sales). That way the motive of the sponsorship can be shown (theme, protagonists, event, etc.) through classic types of advertising and radio and TV spots. A joint press conference (PR) of both parts of the sponsoring partnership creates credible public attention. Sponsoring may also be used in sales promotion, by inviting, for example, the most important clients of an enterprise to an event (sponsored by it). That creates very good possibilities for business talks in a pleasant atmosphere.

    Sponsoring is an investment

    Sponsorship is only meaningful, when it involves a long-term partnership. Both parties invest at first, the rewards start to come in middle term, if the partnership is valid and the interested target groups have identified the sponsor with the sponsorship.

    Sponsoring means mutual recognition!

    Some important reasons for your enterprise to become sponsor of one of our events, athletes or clubs.

    The first and the most important one:

    1. Don't donate any money to the tax office! It's better to give them to an event, athlete or a club, as they will promote your products!

    2. Client contact

    Exclusive competitions and shows are the meeting point of all your clients, who become aware of your current products. Your presence as a sponsor proves that your enterprise seeks personal contact with its clients.

    3. No losses

    Your target group is our target group. They meet in a top-quality participants' circle, comprising of younger and older clients, as well as clients from your field.

    4. Material support

    As a major sponsor you have the possibility, except your presence in advertising, to cover the event materially as well.


    5. Business presentations

    In the field of competitions, fairs and shows, business presentations and supplier workshops give you the possibility to present your products and services to the interested field of experts.

    6. Level of recognition

    The achievement of your goal to increase your company's level of recognition is guaranteed, through the presentation of your company's profile and brand names in competitions and events.

    7. Media cooperation

    The intensive work of our cooperators in the media sector, a series of commercials, supplements in specialized publications, your own website, as well as television broadcasts strengthen your advertising presence.

    8. Internet

    Your enterprise's brand name (or website) will be accessed as a link in websites of our events, athletes and clubs. That way the fans can see your products and increase your enterprise's level of recognition.

    If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact us to arrange a meeting and we will thoroughly inform you about sponsorship.

    If you are interested in sponsoring please contact us


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