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    Sponsor of Alonissos Marathon

    Sponsor of Alonissos Marathon

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    Press release 2005
    Greek version

    The first international Multi Terrain Marathon took place in one of the most beautiful courses in the world on Saturday the 27th of May in the island of Alonissos with the support of the local Municipality. Athletes from Greece and Europe took place in the marathon, along with famous marathon runners, hyper-marathon runners with participations in the Olympic games and the international meetings, track and field champions as well as athletes of middle and long distances who love this sport.

    Except the marathon of the 42 kilometers, a semi marathon of 21 kilometers took place and a race of 10 kilometers, through footpaths, beaches, woods and virgin places.

    The International Marathon was organized for the first time in the island of Alonissos and the Municipality pays special attention to the development of sports. HELLAS SPORT from Larissa undertook the organization of the Race in accordance with EAS SEGAS of East Thessaly and the organizers, the athletes declaring that the island of Alonissos was chosen for its unique environment and its ideal conditions for holding of the marathon through routes of asphalt, gravel and an altitude up to 420 meters. The support of the organization had the Municipality of Alonissos, the Sports Organization, the Sports Club of Alonissos, the executives who accepted the congratulations of the athletes and the organizers for the mobilization of the citizens who offered voluntarily their services and the professional response to the holding of an athletic event with so many demands.

    The start took place on Saturday at 9 in the morning at the port of Alonissos and the time was measured with the international system Champion chip. Two ambulances with four doctors, the Police Station, the Port Authority and many volunteers were mobilized by the Municipality for their services and the meeting of urgent cases, while the responsible of HELLAS SPORT Mr. G. Vezakiadis stressed the fact that Alonissos was chosen for the realization of this event for the unique in the world natural environment and the impeccable cooperation with the municipality.

    In the evening at the beach of Patitiri the award ceremony of the winners took place and the event closed with traditional dances fro the Dancing department of the Cultural Club.

    "Such events can not take place without the volunteer participation, know-how and experience. The executive dynamic of Alonissos with its experience ensured the success of the event" he noted.

    He also stated that the goal was to establish the holding of an international marathon in Alonissos and that the preparations for next year have already begun.

    "The response of the people and the professionals of the island was a special experience for us" he added.


    The world famous hyper-marathon runner Giannis Kouros honored us with his participation and he stated that Alonissos is an island with particular natural beauty and is ideal for such races.

    Furthermore, others who participated were the champion Panagiotis Charamis who was the winner of the 10 kilometer race, Giorgos Karavidas who won the semi-marathon of 21 kilometeres, and in the marathon the winners were the champion Vasilis Zampelis and the hyper-marathon runner Vlassis Karavasilis who said that Alonissos is a virgin island with special energy for the athletes, "the home of the athlete must be made here".

    The two athletes finished the race together.

    In the women in the 10 kilometer race the winner was Sofia Armata and in the semi-marathon the champion Magdalini Karimali.

    The prizes came up to 1000 euros for each winner, while cups and awards were given by the Municipality of Alonissos.

    In the event also participated the champion Nikos Polias, and Christina Kokotou a heel-and-toe champion with participations in the Olympic Games.

    "The goals"

    The Mayor of Alonissos Mr. Orestis Papachristou noted that the Municipality invests among other things in sports and therefore he reinforces the cooperation and action for its promotion. He already has an agreement with HELLAS SPORT for the establishment of the event, and as he said any opportunity will be used to create development data for the local society. "Alonissos has a tradition in sports events and therefore we have included in our strategic development planning the reinforcement of sports and the advertisement of the natural advantages of the area and certainly the support of the local economy" stressed from his side the alderman Mr. Kostas Kalogiannis .

    We thank all the volunteers who helped for the holding of the race and we fix an appointment for the next sports event.



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