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    Sponsor of Alonissos Marathon

    Sponsor of Alonissos Marathon

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    and Results 10,9km - 23km - 42,195km
    from the competition 2006

    AND 10,9 KM.


    01 - 03/06/2007



    The protection of the environment is one of the focal points of discussion and activities for many governments, international organizations, and individuals, small and large organizations.

    The issue of protection is understood differently in each country based on the environmental characteristics and/or problems in each area. Typically, the effects on the environment are understood on a wide scale when problems create a crisis situation or lack of a certain natural resource.

    The relationship between athletics and the environment is crucial. Without a clean and healthy environment exercise is not possible and the athleticism will not remain individual and not professional instead of developing into a professional championship level.

    A polluted environment for a professional runner or even for the individual with the goal of maintaining healthy physical shape comes from the air they breath while training or when participating in an event and the polluted environment for the athletes that canoe or even for the civilians that swim in the beach is the polluted water.

    In this framework, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) nominated the environment as the third essential element of the Olympic Spirit. The relationship between the environment in all forms and athleticism is very important. For this reason, the IOC with the assistance of the international athletics federation developed and approved AGENDA 21 of the Olympic Movement, as the base of applying best practice for all associated with athleticism in all types and forms.

    Hellas Sport and the Community of Alonissos, believe that the role of athletic forums and more specifically those associated with running, will not only aid in the development of the sport, but will instigate a more proactive and sensitive movement regarding the environment.

    The 2005 race commenced on the virgin and forest green island of Alonissos, which exudes positive energy, whereby over 50 athletes participated in the International Running event. The joy and energy radiated by the athletes matched the joy shared by local people in their lives and in protection of the environment.

    See Press Release and photos from the Marathon 2006

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